Helya Mohammadian


Her Gift:  Inclusive Undergarments (inclusivity)

I was born in Iran and moved to the United States when I was three years old just after the revolution. My childhood was pretty normal, besides the fact that we were a Middle Eastern family living in a small Southern town in Louisiana. Regardless, my parents wanted a better life for me and my siblings. I knew at a very early age that I wanted to be a fashion designer and live in New York City. I made that dream come true when I moved to New York 14 years ago. Four years ago I created my company Slick Chicks, adaptable underwear designed with side fasteners to empower women with physical challenges. When I first launched Slick Chicks I didn't realize that this product would be so impactful or really change the quality of a woman’s life. It wasn't until I started receiving messages from women who were wheelchair users, thanking me for making their life a little easier, that I realized so many women need adaptable undergarments. Slick Chicks are ideal for women with mobility issues, post-operative surgery, and any situation that limits range of motion. Now my biggest mission is to empower all women and help them regain their dignity and confidence.


Q: Describe your work in three words.

Empowering, Inclusive, Innovative

Q: What gets you excited to wake up each day?

What keeps me excited on a daily basis is the love and passion I have for creating an impactful company. I value that passion so much because that is what motivated me to become an entrepreneur in the first place. My experiences with people are far more important than solely money and profit and that is worth waking up for.

Q: How do you stay inspired?

Starting this company was the biggest risk I have ever taken and that is what initially inspired me.  Creating something out of nothing gets my heart pumping, especially when I know that the product I created could change someone’s quality of life for the better.

Q:  What has been the most challenging aspect of your work and how do approach it?

The hardest thing for me has been overcoming the feeling of self-doubt and not feeling worthy or good enough. I struggled with the fact that if failed at something people would look at me differently and that pressure was emotionally crippling at times. I learned (and am still learning) that it’s ok to be vulnerable and to make mistakes. I can’t beat myself over a failure or a rejection because it is ALL a learning process.

Q: What is the highest potential of your work and how do you see it contributing to the world?

Over 53 million people live with a permanent disability in America alone, which is something fashion cannot ignore any longer. And though I am able bodied myself, I don’t think it is right that just because someone has a disability that they don’t care about fashion or how it makes them feel inside and out. There is a way to bridge the gap between fashion and function and I am excited to innovate a product as simple as underwear. Offering clothing that is accessible to people with disabilities will only further the progress of inclusive fashion and be a game changer for so many brands.

Q: How does consciousness play a role in your business?

Everyday women face challenges in their lives that can hinder their confidence and productivity. I believe that your underwear should not be one of them. The mission of the company is to help women feel empowered and confident as they tackle all of life’s daily challenges. It is a huge burden on one’s pride when you cannot even change your own intimates. So it is my mission to boost a woman’s confidence with something we take for granted every day but is such an essential part of our lives. So with Slick Chicks we make sure you can tackle that all on your own. I just hope the ripple effects of these changes will lead to people feeling more confident regardless of their situation.

Q:  If you could offer advice to yourself one year ago regarding your entrepreneurial journey, what would it be?

If I could go back in time I would tell myself that it’s ok to not have all the answers and making mistakes is all a part of the process. Slick Chicks is my “baby” and making a positive impact on another person’s life gives me a sense of purpose. So I would also tell myself to take a step back from all the chaos in my life and embrace the journey.

Q: Are you seeking collaboration right now?

We are always looking for strategic partnerships and collaborations that are in line with our mission and the vision of the company.

Q: What’s coming up for you?

The current landscape of the undergarment industry is really exciting right now. And we are proud to innovate a product that can really impact a woman’s life. Over time as we expand, we hope to progress further and develop more products for both female and male genders. We have already started to develop a "sister" line of products geared towards the medical market where we already see a huge void.

I learned (and am still learning) that it’s ok to be vulnerable and to make mistakes.
— Helya Mohammadian

Instagram: @slickchicksonline

Website: www.slickchicksonline.com

Her Gift: Inclusive Undergarments (inclusivity) 

For collaboration, contact: helya@slickchicksonline.com

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