Haley Quinn


Her Gift: Changing the conversation around healthy, beauty, and body image!

Haley Quinn is the Marketing Director at Ophelia’s Place / Circles of Change / Café at 407. Their organization, Ophelia’s Place, is a treatment and resource facility for those struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and negative body image. They partner with the Upstate NY Eating Disorder Center who serve as care providers. Circles of Change is an outreach program dedicated to changing the conversation and inviting their circles of influence to reclaim health, redefine beauty, and restore the relationship we have with our bodies. Café at 407 is a space founded to support the non-profit and provides the community with a safe space for healing.


Q: Describe your work in three words.

Celebrating our bodies OR Changing the culture!

Q: What gets you excited to wake up each day?

Coming to work with a team of likeminded individuals who are so full of love and compassion and are so committed to the movement we are a part of is truly a dream. Every day I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to heal from my own past and help others do the same along my way is absolutely incredible.

Q: How do you stay inspired?

My team inspires me. The feedback and words of others inspire me as well. The everyday miracles in life inspire me; the sunrise, deep breathes, a hug from someone you love. It truly is the little things in life that I find deeply inspiring.

Q:  What has been the most challenging aspect of your work and how do approach it?

This work does get heavy from an emotional and mental standpoint sometimes. I think as a team we are all incredibly perceptive and in-touch with our feelings and the feelings of others. Sometimes it is hard not to want to carry the burden of other’s pain. We are also all still learning daily as we progress with our work and grow and evolve as an organization. It’s a lot of work between a small team, but I think we lean on each other and have found a good balance built on communication and understanding. We take things one day, one moment at a time and do the best we can in that time. 


Q: What is the highest potential of your work and how do you see it contributing to the world?

I think getting the Circles of Change movement to spread across the nation and the globe would be the dream. We like to say “not all roads lead back to Ophelia’s Place.” With Circles of Change, we hope that people take our frameworks and messages and start movements in their own communities and circles of influence. We want to empower others to feel empowered to start that chain reaction in the hopes that we change the culture and make this world a more positive, accepting, loving place to grow and thrive and be our best selves. 

Q: How does consciousness play a role in your business?

I think we’re very conscious about being unbiased. We like to invite as many voices as possible to weigh in on all aspects and topics regarding body image and diet and the body positive movement so that people can pick and choose what resonates with them. We want to be a helping hand guiding people on their journey to their highest, happiest selves, not a shouting or accusatory voice. I like to think we try and move together with grace.

Q:  If you could offer advice to yourself one year ago regarding your entrepreneurial journey, what would it be?

Do not be afraid. Everything happens as it should. 

I think it is hard not to question or feel anxious and stressed about work that you’re doing, especially work that is so personal. But I think continuing to follow your heart and passion will never lead you astray. I would tell myself a year ago to not spend one moment doubting myself. 

Q: Are you seeking collaboration right now?

We are! We would love for people to bring Book Club, Women Who Run, and our Cookbook to their communities. (We are still in the process of getting Women Who Run and the Cookbook in motion – so stay tuned!). And we definitely want to continue spreading our message and the messages of others who are part of the body image movement in any way possible. 

Q: What’s coming up for you?

We’re really trying to get the ground running on continued growth through our circles – our Circles of Change Bookclub, our Women Who Run circle, and our cookbook. We hope to continue to add more circles that advocate for healing from all aspects of life. We also hope to continue supporting.


I would tell myself a year ago to not spend one moment doubting myself.
— Haley Quinn

Instagram: @circlesofchange

Website: www.circlesofchange.org + www.opheliasplace.org 

Her gift: Changing the conversation around healthy, beauty, and body image.

For collaboration, contact marketing@opheliasplace.org 

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