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Her Gift: Encouragement

Ahyiana is an an Author and Creator of Life According to Her where she is the Chief Encourager. By design, Ahyiana is a Creator. Creator of a buzzed about jewelry line featured in Vogue Magazine and worn by pop icon Beyonce, Creator of a debut novel worthy of traditional publishing, and creator of a stellar career in publicity, having worked with one of the top sports entertainment leagues, the National Basketball Association (NBA). Ultimately, her proudest accomplishment is creating a platform where others find encouragement as a result of her positive energy, skill, and fearless attitude. 

Q: Describe your work in three words.

Creative, encouraging and, intentional.

Q: What gets you excited to wake up each day?

The endless opportunities to create on so many different levels and knowing that through my knowledge and experience I can help uplift and inspire others to step into their greatness.

Q: How do you stay inspired?

I stay inspired by looking around me and reading. I love seeing what’s going on out there. Inspiration can come in some of the most unexpected places. I like to encourage people to consume content that on face value that has nothing to do with the business that they are in because those are often the times when the best ideas are sparked.

Q:  What has been the most challenging aspect of your work and how do approach it?

The most challenging part has been being consistent because I’m a person that always has a ton of ideas and sometimes new ideas mean pushing things that were once a staple to the background. I get bored often, but keeping things too fresh and new can be a problem when catering to an audience with expectations. Knowing all of this, I truly make an effort to maintain certain elements of content in my business.

Q: What is the highest potential of your work and how do you see it contributing to the world?

I’d have to say that the highest potential is providing solutions and a refreshing option for moving forward to people that are feeling stuck in life and like they really need a personal or professional change. We’ve all heard of the quarter life crisis and most of us have been through it, but what most people don’t talk about is that those same feelings can surface every three to five years. I see Life According To Her contributing to the overall happiness and feeling of fulfillment for thousands of women.

Q: How does consciousness play a role in your business?

Consciousness plays a huge role in my business because in order to tackle some of the issues or challenges that my audience may face we have to be proactive and aware. Since embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship and developing Life According To Her, as a person I’ve had to really spend time with myself and evaluate my values and desires. I realized that before I was just coasting and had never really taken the time to go deep, to truly understand me. Entrepreneurship forces you to get to know all of the aspects of you, and you’ll still question it all everyday.

Q:  If you could offer advice to yourself one year ago regarding your entrepreneurial journey, what would it be?

Tap into your story and go with what is natural. There is only one you and all you have to do is own it and let your light shine.

Q: Are you seeking collaboration right now?

I’m always open to having conversations regarding collaboration!

Q: What’s coming up for you?

Up next I have the second live Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat podcast event happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course the weekly Life According To Her podcast and offering more resources for change via the LATH website. 

In line with the podcasting, I’ve also launched a website, www.PopOfColorPodcast.com. This site is the top destination for black female voices in podcasting, for both listeners and creators alike. 

Tap into your story and go with what is natural.
— Ahyiana Angel

Instagram: @lifeaccordingtoher

Website: www.lifeaccordingtoher.com

Her gift: Encouragement

For collaboration, contact: connect@lifeaccordingtoher.com

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