Welcome to Awake Ari

Welcome to Awake Ari. As a community centered around awakened visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs, our intention is to unite, connect, and support individuals from all backgrounds in their journeys to progress the consciousness of humanity.

We Focus On:


Connection, Harmony, and Creative Innovation


Equality for All Beings

Economic Opportunity for All Nations

Our network includes:

Conscious Business Owners

Non-profit Founders

Impact Leaders

Artists & Creatives

Spiritual Teachers, Mentors, and Coaches


The Conscious Spectrum

A message from Casi Ari


I have often found that in conversations, the word “conscious” means different things to different people. I’ve shown up to conscious events expecting to meditate for inner peace and ended up watching panels on inclusivity and environmental awareness. I’ve shown up to other conscious meetings expecting to learn about sustainable business practices only to be supported in guided visualizations.

In short, it is clear the idea of consciousness is not a black and white concept; it is a spectrum.

Awake Ari centers itself as the meeting point between the two ends of consciousness: that which focuses on bettering humanity in the outer world through sustainability and equality…and that which focuses on bettering the self and the inner world through meditation, trauma healing, creativity, and presence. Just like a stool, the pillars of consciousness are best balanced on more than one leg: Inner work and Outer Work. Being and Action. Presence and Planning. Leadership and Introspection.

This is how we create a new world.

We invite you to join Awake Ari, wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, and share your expertise with our community. We know you’ll find valuable information, connections, and inspiration to serve your internal expansion and external mission.